Our Other Domestic & Commercial Services

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We also provide you with a range of other services that we are just as trained in. For more information on our services and production costs, simply contact us. Property Maintenance – Reliable, Efficient & Low Cost‎ We offer complete property maintenance and refurbishment services including: painting and decorating, wallpapering, boarding, plastering and tiling. We […]

Recommended Cleaning Businesses in London & Surrey

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We can recommend teams throughout London & Surrey that have the team, resources and experience to cover all office and commercial cleaning emergencies, jobs and advice both night and day. Contact us if you’d like to be featured. Veri Clean, Surrey Veri Clean are a family owned business and have a strong commitment to providing […]

Welcome to Did it Leak Plumbers

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Covering all of London Plumbing Service Preston UK – GNA Plumbing Services Trying to find a reliable plumber who provides high quality domestic plumbing installations and plumbing repairs at competitive rates, carried out in a courteous friendly manner? or a 24 Hour Emergency Plumber? Then we are here to help. We provide domestic plumbing advice […]

Plumbing and Drainage Systems

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If you are to be capable of dealing swiftly with emergencies, you must have a basic knowledge of your plumbing system. It begins on or near the boundary of your property at a stop-tap between the water board’s main supply pipe and the feed-pipe into your house. This feed-pipe is set 2 ft to 3 […]

Hot Water Supply

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Turning to the hot water circuit; the supply from the storage cistern is fed into the bottom of the hot water cylinder, and from there it travels down into a kitchen boiler or a back boiler linked with a fireplace. It enters the boiler at the bottom and is heated by the flame. Water rises […]

Central Heating

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Hot-water Central-heating Systems The principle of circulation is exactly the same with modern hot-water central-heating systems, but the installation is much more sophisticated. The boiler should have its own cold feed-tank – a smaller version of the main cold water storage cistern and fed from the rising main in the same way. In addition, the […]

Top Tips from the Plumbers

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Plumbers in London are fully qualified plumbers and heating engineers with years of experience in plumbing, heating and boiler repairs. Through the years they have come across numerous types of different plumbing and heating jobs that they have easily managed. Through the years hard work and professionalism has pays off, and a good plumber will […]

247 London Plumbers

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Capital Emergency services run a 24 hour, 365 days a year Full Trades Service. On call continuously for emergency response: 4 Plumbers, 3 Heating Engineers, 2 Electricians, 4 Roofers, 4 Joiners, 2 Glaziers and backup Labouring Services (this does not include day-work staff). During extreme weather conditions, additional staff are on standby if required due […]

Leaking Taps

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A tap that leaks from its spout needs the main washer renewing. If it is leaking from around the shield, the tap gland needs attention. To replace the main washer you will have to cut off the supply and drain the pipe. A gland can be reset without cutting off the supply. Cross-type handles are […]

Blocked Sinks and Drains

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Most sink blockages are caused by solid matter lodging in the U-trap in the waste pipe. Place a bucket underneath and carefully unscrew the inspection plug, supporting the pipe with one arm to counteract the leverage of the spanner. Poke a length of curtain wire into the pipe as far as you can to loosen […]