Blocked Sinks and Drains

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Most sink blockages are caused by solid matter lodging in the U-trap in the waste pipe. If you are in need of an emergency plumber to sort your blocked drains out, there is nobody better than Sweeney’s Plumbing Services. They offer rapid response services in the North Shore and Hills district area. Read More: Blocked […]


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The benefits of taking out a home insurance policy online are:   Instant home contents insurance, Competitive cover rates from trusted name Flexible home insurance cover to match your needs Free checks on your property including a roof inspection Monthly payment options View the home insurance policy wording Reduced hassle with 24 hour claims help […]

House Insurance

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This is often a condition of the lender giving you a mortgage so, in the event of a disaster, it can be repaired or rebuilt. If you don’t have buildings insurance and your house burns down, the lender will have no collateral for its loan, so will call it in. In which case, not only […]

Flood Damage Insurance

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As a matter of course, most buildings insurance policies cover the fabric of the building, including built-in kitchen units and bathroom suites, outbuildings, including sheds and garages, and any walls, gates or fences. These tend to be covered against damage or destruction caused by fire, storms, theft, vandalism, escaped water, flooding and subsidence. Some also […]

Boiler Insurance

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If you have a boiler you may need to add extra cover, or consider a separate policy, as most policies cover domestic items only up to a specified limited. This is because, if your boiler breaks down or floods and you make a claim, your home insurance premium does not go up as a result. […]

Content Insurance

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This cover is optional but it’s not a good idea to skimp. In the 12 months before September 2002 there were 982,000 burglaries in England and Wales, and there are many other ways you can lose your possessions. Contents insurance covers the things that are not part of the structural fabric of your home, such […]

Faulty Cisterns

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Attention to the ball valve may be needed occasionally to keep a storage cistern in proper working order, and the siphon mechanism in a WC cistern may also need looking at from time to time. The ball valve is usually a piston connected to an arm which is attached at its other end to a […]

Pipe work

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Pipe work in old houses is usually of lead; in modern houses it’s more likely to be copper, or even plastic on the cold water circuit. Plastic won’t fracture due to a freeze-up and there isn’t much risk of it with copper. But if you get a frozen lead pipe, stand by for a burst […]

Frozen Pipes

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Before we talk about what to do in a freeze-up, it’s worth considering what you can do now to insure against ever having one. The elementary precaution is to lag all pipes that are in a risky position – those in the loft, and those fixed to outside walls in unheated rooms, such as outhouses […]