Burst Pipes

What to do

Turn off the appropriate stop-tap and open nearby taps to help drain off the water. If there isn’t a stop-tap, seal the outlet from the cold water cistern by jamming a sharpened length of a broomstick in the hole.

If you decide on one of the first aid repairs pending the arrival of a plumber, keep the water pressure low by only partly reopening the stop-tap. If the burst is on the hot water circuit, switch off the boiler or clear out the fire.

The conventional way to repair lead pipe is to solder it but a simpler and permanent way for the handyman is to use a glass fiber repair kit.

First, support the pipe with a block of wood and gently tap the split closed. Clean the pipe with a fine file or abrasive paper for about 3 in on each side of the fault, removing the paint and making the metal shine. Then wrap a piece of perforated zinc around this area. Mix the resin and hardener supplied with the kit as directed, brush a coat on to the zinc, and bed into this a bandage of glass fiber repair tape.

Coat the tape with more resin and wrap another glass fiber bandage around it.

The bandage must be applied tightly, and start each layer at opposing ends so that the overlaps are well covered.

After the third coat of resin has been applied and allowed to harden fully, you can turn on the water again.

Repairing the Damage

A small leak in the home can cause a surprising amount of damage no matter how small. If a pipe has been leaking for a long time or there is a leak in the roof it can cause long term damage to the property. Commonly these types of issues occur in the attic where damp then occurs due to a leak in the roof.

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Experiencing a leak can cause severe damage to your interior home furniture like the walls and carpets. Repairing these damages should be a priority as you wouldn’t want any further damage.
It can be really stressful to have all this done by yourself so we recommend that you hire an experienced and well-trained company to deal with these issues for you. Perth Home Cleaners could help you with carpet steam cleaning or even upholstery cleaning.

Waterproofing the Structure of the Property

When pipes burst within a property, extensive damage can be done although this will often be noticed quickly and can be fixed. Unfortunately, a lot of properties experience water damage that is less obvious but can cause severe damage to the structure of a property.

If your property is situated near water such as a river or lake or if part of your property is underground, you are at a higher risk than other properties of experiencing damp or water damage in the home.