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Trying to find a reliable plumber, who provides high quality domestic plumbing installations and repairs at competitive rates? You may even need an emergency plumber.

Whatever issue you have, a local plumber will be able to help. For Brisbane based plumbing issues, Bell Plumbing can help. They can resolve blocked drains, gas leaks, hot water system repairs and install toilets. See services here.

For domestic and commercial plumbing solutions in Northern Brisbane, call 0733543300 today. They also provide a rapid response solution, offering same day and 24/7 services.

Plumbing services:

  • Emergency Plumber Callout – 24 Hours, Seven Days per Week
  • Repair of domestic hot and cold water pipes
  • Repair of sanitary ware and fittings
  • Bathroom Plumbing
  • Replacement of domestic radiators and valves
  • Installation of Bathroom Suites, Showers and Shower Cubicles
  • Installation of High Quality Water Filters
  • Replacement Taps and Stopcocks + Outside Taps Fitted
  • Temperature Regulated Taps Fitted (Prevents Scalding Children and OAPs)
  • Replacement of Cast Iron Soil Pipes
  • Replacement of Lead Pipes
  • Repair of “DIY Disasters”
  • Insurance Work Undertaken

Hot Water System Repairs

Turning to the hot water circuit; the supply from the storage cistern is fed into the bottom of the hot water cylinder, and from there it travels down into a kitchen boiler or a back boiler linked with a fireplace. It enters the boiler at the bottom and is heated by the flame. See recommended plumbers here.

Water rises as it is heated and leaves the boiler through a pipe near the top where it rises naturally back to the hot water cylinder. This hot water forces more cold from the cylinder down into the boiler and thus the cycle continues until you have a cylinder full of hot water.

If there is no way of controlling the boiler heat, as is often the case with an open fire, the water will sometimes reach boiling point and therefore, as a safety outlet, an open-ended expansion pipe is taken from the top of the cylinder and turned over the storage cistern so that steam and hot water can be harmlessly discharged. Find out more.

In practice, however, this state is rarely reached, because hot water is continually being drawn off, thus allowing more cold to be fed into the cylinder. But if your hot supply does approach boiling point, run some of the water off and let the fire burn low.

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