Rubbish removal for commercial waste

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Removing waste is the most effective way to keep your business office free from mess.

Choosing the most appropriate way of disposing of commercial waste is a good start.

Skip Hire:

Whether you own or work in an ample commercial space or a small one, having a clear-out or a renovation can generate massive waste and unwanted items, some of which can be pretty large and cumbersome.

By using a commercial skip hire service, you can ensure you have a safe, legal place to put your discarded items, whether you have a few tables or a mountain of desks, chairs and furniture to move.

As well as offices, they also cater for construction sites, from plumbers to builders and a wide range of contractors.

Any generated waste can be disposed of in robust, spacious skips to ensure your environment stays tidy and safe.

Council Collection:

You can arrange for your local council to collect your commercial waste.

By doing this, you must:

After completing those requirements, you are eligible for commercial waste collection at your office – it may come at certain fees.

Same-day services:

Business premises need to stay safe and clean on a day to day basis.

Services like this provide hassle-free service that collects your waste on the same day. 

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We’ve searched for some of the country’s best waste removals for commercial properties; one that stood out was

Providing regular bin collection and rubbish disposal/recycling

One business owner who used the waste disposal service said:

“They sent two people with a lorry and took away all the rubbish for less that we had been quoted elsewhere. Enough said, couldn’t be more pleased with the service.” Simon Towers about Rubbish Clearance Surrey 23.01.24

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Scrap Collectors:

Who would have thought you can earn money from the things you throw away!

Scrap metal collectors tend to pay for more valuable metals within your junk.

Have a lookout for:

  • Steel – primarily found in cutlery and kitchen appliances
  • Lead – batteries and old pipes
  • Titanium is found in electronics, scissors, etc.

See what you can earn from your waste.

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