What to do when you notice a leak?

First thing is first: do not panic.

When a leak is spotted, it is natural to go into panic mode and be nervous about the damage it can cause to your home. People may have spotted a leak after a waste clearance in their property and are wondered if it was something to do with the servicemen, or maybe the bad weather has made their home vulnerable to leaks and other issues in their home.

Instead of focusing on how the leak happened, the most important thing to do is to get it fixed.

By getting your leak fixed quicker, it will prevent further damage from being spread to your home.

Contact your local plumber

Some people may want to fix the issue themselves if they believe it is one they can handle.

However, if you are unsure of how to fix a leak, the best thing to do is to contact a plumber,

If you do not have a local plumber that you trust – or they may not be available – see a list of local plumbers here.

Some plumbers may take longer to fix the job, or may not be able to complete it on an emergency basis.

You must have access to a plumber that can complete the job to prevent further damage.

Is it safe to attempt to fix it on my own?

While some plumbing jobs may be easy to fix on your own, not all of them are.

A common example of a repair job that can be fixed without the need for a professional is a burst pipe.

If you discover that your pipe has burst, see here for tips on how to repair it.

Or, if you had a service job performed and noticed that the issue occurred after the servicemen did their job, there are trained skillsmen that can clean up the mess that the workers have left behind. See here for more information about waste clearance services.

It is common for repair jobs to have errors if the handymen are not properly equipped to do the job.

It is as important to choose the right handyman as it is to choose the right plumber.

Do not pick the wrong handyman, this may cause more potential leaks to occur on your property.