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Capital Emergency services run a 24 hour, 365 days a year Full Trades Service.

On call continuously for emergency response:

4 Plumbers, 3 Heating Engineers, 2 Electricians, 4 Roofers, 4 Joiners, 2 Glaziers and backup Labouring Services (this does not include day-work staff).

During extreme weather conditions, additional staff are on standby if required due to higher volume of calls.

No Leak Plumbers cover the London region for all clients who need a Reliable Emergency Contractor.

Typical Emergency Services used are:

  • Clear blocked toilets,
  • Trace gas leaks,
  • Repair central heating faults,
  • Clear blocked drains,
  • Board broken windows,
  • Gain access where keys are lost/stolen,
  • Re-Glaze windows,
  • Trace electrical faults and repair roof leaks.