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What is emergency plumbing?

Emergency plumbing services run a 24 hour, 365 days a year Full plumbing Service.

With most plumbers on-call for emergency response, 24/7 plumbing firms will have:

Plumbers, Heating Engineers,  Electricians,  Roofers,  Joiners, backup Labouring Services (this does not include day-work staff).

During extreme weather conditions, they have additional staff are on standby if required due to a higher volume of calls.

Emergency Plumbing services cover their region for all clients who need a Reliable Emergency Contractor.

Typical services emergency plumbers offer:

  • Clear blocked toilets
  • Trace gas leaks
  • Repair central heating faults
  • Clear blocked drains
  • Board broken windows
  • Gain access where keys are lost/stolen
  • Trace electrical faults and repair roof leaks

Can my issue wait?

The biggest question when it comes to plumbing problems is if the problem can wait until a more sociable time, or not.  Some questions you can ask yourself before deciding to make that all-important call are:

Do you need to use the affected plumbing right away? – When answering this you should be mindful that just because you may not n=be using the plumbing right away doesn’t mean that it is not an emergency, for example, you should still call a 24/7 plumber if your basement is flooding.

Is the problem your responsibility? – If you have not personally caused the problem, or are unsure on the cause of the issue and you do not own the property, you should speak to the property owner first.

This may be your landlord, or if you are at work, your building’s maintenance people. These people are there to decide if the situation is an emergency.

Things to remember

Emergency plumbing costs more than regularly plumbing services. This is due to the possibility that they may have to work unsociable hours and days. The general rate for emergency plumbing is at least double the price of regular plumbing services, with some companies charging up to three times the normal rate.

While it can be hard in times of urgency, you should be careful in choosing the right 24/7 plumbing firm.

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