Our Other Domestic & Commercial Services

We also provide you with a range of other services that we are just as trained in. For more information on our services and production costs, simply contact us.

Property Maintenance – Reliable, Efficient & Low Cost‎

We offer complete property maintenance and refurbishment services including painting and decorating, wallpapering, boarding, plastering and tiling.

We can also look after any roofs you have on your property, including your garage roof is separated from the property. We only use rubber roofing on all repairs and replacements as this has proven to be one of the best materials on the market. ClassicBond is our most used brand for DIY roof repairs.

We also offer maintenance services on listed buildings. This includes standard repairs as well as roof installations and restorations.

Quite often, roofing services are required in Essex villages such as Saffron Walden and Little Henham. When it comes to roofing repairs in listed and graded buildings, we contract this work out a leading roofer in the area. Most recently we have worked with Saffron Walden Roofing Contractors.

A Warmer, Quieter, Safer Home‎ With Our Window Installations

We can install all types of windows from the awning, picture, transform slider, stationary and bay windows as well as offering a complete rooflight fitting service.

We work efficiently and our entire team are friendly and can advise you any questions you have throughout the process.

Garden Maintenance – Beautiful Gardens Start Here‎

These are our garden maintenance services: